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Handmade  Luxury  Tubcation's for the moments you need them most.

Locked down during 2020's quarantine in the Bay Area CA, this Stay At Home Mom and Grandma of "Two under Two" wanted to create an escape, without having to leave the house.

Handcrafted and focused on the overworked body and minds mental and physical well-being after this last year of insanity. We aim to make everyday routines and tasks into an experience; from skin care and bathing, to simply lighting a candle. Sanity Salts is here to create the perfect at home escapes for every individuals personal needs through luxury bath and body products and unique Tubcations. At Sanity Salts, we guarantee that every purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish. Resulting in your personal Tubcation, and a bit of Sanity, sent right to your door.

So scroll around, stay a while!

Never hesitate to get in touch with ANY questions or concerns.

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Thank you for supporting our small business. ♡

Stay Salty!

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